6 Reasons The Senate Must Appear To Hold A Fair Trial

When partisan politics, clearly interferes with, and, even worse, when it overwhelms quality public service, focused on the best interests of the nation, and our citizens, the United States of America, risks several negative ramifications, especially, continuing to have, its reason, for – being! President Donald Trump, his team of attorneys, and other enablers, appear to feel, he is above the law, and, unfortunately, that may be the fact! They, at various times, and, it seems, depending on what additional information, comes forward, defend him, first, by denying, and then, by proclaiming, his actions were perfect, and his opponents are conducting an improper witch – hunt. They have stated, either, the Congress doesn’t have the right, to impeach (contrary to the Constitution), impeachment must involve a crime (it doesn’t), and try to transfer any potential blame, by trying to transfer it, to Trump’s political opponents. However, have you ever seen an innocent person, unwilling to submit witnesses, and/ or, written evidence, etc, if is would exonerate him? Ladies, and gentlemen, this isn’t normal! The potential ramifications of this, which, if the Senate behaves as expected, under the direction of Senate Majority Leader, McConnell, potentially, are severe, and long – term, face – changing, in terms of America’s identity! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 reasons, we need public officials, regardless of party affiliation, to conduct a fair trial (to both, the President, and our citizens), instead of what appears to be, a sham! ifb senator wss 8 kg

1. People won’t trust the System: There are, already, many, who feel and believe, our System, strongly favors certain elite, over the rest of us! If they believe, Senators will not, live – up, to their responsibilities, and personal oaths, to conduct a thorough, fair trial, we risk, a further deterioration of the public’s trust!

2. Precedent for future Presidents: What occurs, in this manner, will have serious precedence, for what future Presidents do, and believe, is either, acceptable, or can get away with! If the only protection, which exists, against the actions of our President, loses – its – teeth, we risk, the potential for an unsavory character, take advantage, because of the weakening of our Balance of Powers!

3. Enable this President: There is little doubt, President Trump, will feel enabled, and entitled, if, he escapes, with little, to no punishment. His previous career, shows, he tries to stretch the limits, and, has escaped, without having to answer to it! If it becomes so easy, for him, because, the Senate won’t consider additional testimony, and other evidence, much of our apathetic public, will feel he has been exonerated, because, he will articulate a message, proclaiming, he is! What happened to, no one above the law? His enablers in the Senate, and his lawyers, state the House, didn’t do their job, thoroughly, or there would be no reason for needing this additional information, seems, similar to, the child who kills both his parents, and pleads for mercy, because he’s an orphan!



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