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We humans have a difficult time, generally, in really believing that there are angels and spirit guides around us. We can’t see them or hear them. Our limited five senses alone are incapable of making contact with them. This is because they exist in a higher realm or dimension that is not physical, and consequently, are not bound by the limitations of the physical world. But we certainly are.

So how can we make contact with these Divine Beings in a way that feels satisfying?

The answer is that there are many ways in which we can contact our angel or spirit guide. And by the way, all of us have at least one guardian angel, although many people may have more than one. Your guardian angel is with you until you depart this world. As to spirit guides, these are usually enlightened individuals, frequently referred to as “masters,” who watch over you and guide you, too. A number of people believe that guardian angels and spirit guides are actually one and the same. Also, most of us are guided and watched over by the deceased souls of family members and close friends.

As you can see, we have a lot of support around us, although we rarely, if ever, see them or hear them. Because of this, many people neglect turning to this support in time of need, or at any time.

As to making contact with our angels or spirit guides, a number of easy methods are available to us. For example, one can simply talk to an angel or guide, whether orally or silently. You are heard; you are always heard. I realize that without a response you can relate to, it is difficult to believe that you are heard. However, as you continue a daily practice of conversing with your angel or guide, whatever awkwardness or discomfort you feel will pass away after a while.

Another method of making contact with your angel or guide is to write notes or poems. I personally like to journal, and so I have developed the habit of sitting down at my computer and start typing away. This is the time of the day when I give vent to my deepest feelings and yearnings, knowing that my angel is listening, as I ask for guidance.

Journaling is a wonderful outlet, but more than that, you will find ideas coming to you that are supportive as you express yourself on the screen or on paper. Your angel does respond, although I want to caution the reader at this point that it may take a little time before you notice any response. So, be patient and keep up the journaling.

As to writing poetry, this is fine, too, if that is your inclination. It certainly does not matter whether you write in prose or poetry. 606 angel number

Writing a letter to your angel is an effective way, also, of making contact. Often when one has something pressing on their mind, this may be the most dynamic method of expression.

Another excellent way to make contact with an angel or a guide is via meditation. Because meditation permits us to reach the more subtle levels of the psyche, it is easier to make contact with the higher realms or dimensions. At such levels, you might well hear messages from an angel or guide. This is called clairaudient, that is, hearing a voice, but not with one’s ears. Some time ago, I read that telepathy is really the universal language, and from my own experience, I believe this to be true.

The method of communication the angels will utilize most often in contacting you is intuition. Some people have greatly developed this faculty, while others are not so good at it. But everyone has intuition, and if you lack a good track record with it, then now is the time to become more aware of those intuitive feelings and listen to them. The way to develop your intuitive powers is simply to train yourself to pay close attention to whatever whispering thoughts or feelings are coming through.

Another method angels or spirit guides may utilize in contacting us can be something someone says to you that is in answer to a need; or something you read; or something said over the radio or television. In one way or another, the angel may utilize any of these methods or some others to convey a response to you.

I have offered a few easy methods here of making contact with your angel or spirit guide. The most important point I wish to stress concerning this is that you keep the contact going on a regular basis. Do not get discouraged too fast and give up. It can sometimes take a little while before you realize you have received a response.

If you prefer to simply talk to your angel or guide, all you need to do is spend about five minutes a day doing so. You can start off by stating: “Angel, I would like to talk to you now,” or “discuss something with you now.” The angels are always waiting for you to call upon them and are eager to be of service.


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