OPPO A54 – Reliable Performance, Stylish Look


The Oppo A 54 is the newest member of the slew of devices launched by Oppo. This smart phone from Oppo has been launched as a follow up to its successful predecessors like the Avanti M200, Avanti R1, Avanti Mini and Avanti Optimo. As a result of the success of these earlier Oppo phones, the company has now launched a new variant with some innovative features. One such device is the Oppo A 1954 which offers a high definition viewing experience that is sure to attract many in terms of its clarity. If you are interested in purchasing this smart phone in Oppo stores, then read on for some information on how to buy OPPO A 1954 online.

In terms of the main features of this product, you would be able to see a lot of them in this handset along with its great looks. With a 5.5-inch capacitive touchscreen screen, the Oppo A 54 allows you to enjoy a great browsing experience as well as a sophisticated experience when it comes to viewing images. The Helio P35 processor also ensures reliable performance while browsing. The Oppo A 1954 also comes loaded with a rich set of features, such as an impressive user interface and high definition videos. The OPPO A Dylan also boasts of a large memory drive which helps you save your data efficiently. Other notable features of this gadget include the fast charge support and the infrared torch. OPPO A54

When it comes to the performance of the handset, the OPPO A Dylan offers good performances. In fact, this device has been reviewed by many customers over the internet. This is because the device features a remarkable battery life, thanks to its advanced technology. It offers a long talk time on a single charge and can easily last for a whole day with a spare charge. In addition to this, the built-in fast charge support helps you to charge up your phone anytime and anywhere without fear of going short of juice.

The OPPO A54 battery, like most modern devices from the company, offers fast charging. The headphone jack also supports hands free operation, thanks to the headphone amplifier. The amplifier further enhances sound clarity, even when you are far away from the charging station. However, the headphone amp can be a little costly as it has to be purchased separately. The headphones provided with the A sample are also quite good, but they do not have any volume control. The battery pack can be replaced easily but this can prove to be a bit of a hassle as well.

The OPPO A sample also comes with a very good video recording feature, although the quality might be a tad lower than what one could expect from such a small device. Despite this, the OPPO A 1954 does have a good camera functionality, thanks to the video port which is present on the top half. However, this port can only accommodate the mini DV tape or mini DV camcorder. The OPPO A has a much bigger 4GB flash memory, which can be expanded via the USB connection present on the front.

While the OPPO A sample is equipped with all the major features that users demand from an all-in-one cell phone, it is still worth mentioning some minor points. For example, the A sample runs a bit slow when it first starts up, especially if you do not have a lot of data on the device. This will only get worse as the day progresses, especially if you download a lot of stuff on your OPPO A 1954. If you do not need the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone, you might want to consider buying one which does include it. Finally, the OPPO A has a slightly larger screen size than most smartphones, which might make reading text on the small display a little difficult. Overall, though, the OPPO A is a great device for anyone who needs a compact yet powerful smartphone.

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